OpenPonk (formerly DynaCASE)

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OpenPonk (formerly known as DynaCASE) is a metamodeling platform and a modeling workbench implemented in the dynamic environment Pharo aimed at supporting activities surrounding software and business engineering such as modeling, execution, simulation, source code generation, etc.

Showcase video for ESUG 2016 conference


You can download preinstalled Pharo image containing all currently supported notations:

Keep in mind that OpenPonk is still in early development and contains many bugs and missing features.

We are also performing a major overhaul of many parts (such as working on a full UML 2.5 metamodel, creating user documentation, and more) and we plan to do a release in late summer 2017.

Alpha is a semi-stable version, but possibly outdated compared to bleeding edge.

Build Linux Mac Windows image only
all-in-one (alpha) download download download download

Bleeding edge is the very latest version that passed CI, but is still possibly broken.

Build Linux Mac Windows image only
all-in-one (bleeding edge) download download download download

Direct installation

If you are an experienced Pharo user and you want to download OpenPonk directly into your image, you can do so by executing the following code:

Metacello new
    baseline: 'OpenPonk';
    repository: 'github://openponk/openponk/repository';
    load: 'complete'.


The downloaded package contains with additional instructions, however on properly configured system launching (under Linux & Mac) or OpenPonk.exe (under Windows) should be sufficient.

@todo: in-image guide


Under Windows and Mac it should work out of the box.

Linux may require extra configuration as Pharo VM is currently only 32bit. Please refer to Pharo's official guide.

Additionally you will require 32bit cairo2 library, usually available in distribution package managers as libcairo2:i386 (debian), libcairo2, etc.

The bundled launcher will check those requirements and will warn you and provide some tips if your system is not configured properly.