Extending menus

You can extend both Workspace and Editor menus.

Workbench menu

To add an item to the Editor item in the Workbench menu, create a method on the class-side of some class, preferably the class of your Plugin.

DCFsmPlugin class>>toolbarFor: aBuilder
    <dcEditorToolbarMenu: #DCFsmPlugin>
    (aBuilder item: 'Help')
        icon: Smalltalk ui icons help;
        action: [ HelpBrowser openOn: DCFsmHelp ]

You can name the method however you want, but you must include the <dcEditorToolbarMenu:> pragma.

The pragma takes as the argument the name of the plugin you wish the menu to be associated with; this way you can register the menu item from any class:

DCFsmSimulator class>>toolbarFor: aBuilder
    <dcEditorToolbarMenu: #DCFsmPlugin>
    (aBuilder item: 'Open Simulator')
        action: [ DCFsmSimulator new openOn: aBuilder model diagramController ]

The menu items will be automatically collected from all methods matching the pragma and the plugin name:

Workbench menu

Too see all the available options you can specify for the menu item (submenu, icon, description, …) see the protocol of PragmaMenuAndShortcutRegistrationItem.

Finally aBuilder model keeps a reference to the appropriate DCEditor instance.

Editor menu

The Editor menu is placed underneath the canvas, and works on the same principle.

You just need to name the pragma <dcCanvasToolbar:>.

DCUmlClassPlugin>>canvasToolbarFor: aBuilder
    <dcCanvasToolbar: #DCUmlClassPlugin>
    (aBuilder item: 'Layout') action: [  ].
    aBuilder model diagramController addLayoutMenu: aBuilder parent: 'Layout'

DCUmlClassDiagramController>>addLayoutMenu: builder parent: aParent
    | classes inheritance associations centerY |
    (builder item: 'Sugiyama')
        parent: aParent;
        action: [ RTSugiyamaLayout new
                verticalGap: 100;
                horizontalGap: 100;
                on: classes edges: inheritance.
            self view signalUpdate ].

Here aBuilder model holds a reference to the appropriate DCCanvasModel instance.